• Mon, 5 June 2017

    Financial Lounge –

    Dawid Krige, advisor of Banor SICAV Greater China Long Short Equity fund, interviewed by Financial Lounge says that the transitioning of China’s economy from an export and investment led one to a consumption led one is a reality and that he’s expecting this trend to last for at least the next decade or two.

  • Wed, 10 May 2017

    Wall Street Italia

    Giacomo Mergoni, CEO of Banor Capital, interviewed by Wall Street Italia on the new distribution agreements and the value approach.

  • Bluerating
    Sun, 30 April 2017


    Giacomo Mergoni, CEO Banor Capital, interviewed by Bluerating on the new distribution agreements with Banca Generali and FinecoBank and the Italian distribution strategy.

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