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Banor’s fundamental analysis and “Value” approach to investing are Sustainable and Responsible because they incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG – Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria into their strategies for evaluating and selecting stocks.


We apply an internal rating system to evaluate environmental, social and governance (ESG) sustainability when selecting securities.

This “best-in-class” model is designed to identify best practices in the sectors concerned. We analyse the companies’ sustainable financial statements and we meet periodically the management of the businesses in which we invest.

After the analysis, we appoint an internal rating to each stock using a statistic model and comparing our rating with the one assigned by the international rating agencies.


Banor Capital mission is to generate positive risk adjusted returns with responsibility through fundamental analysis, operational excellence, and by being ESG-proactive. By ESG-proactive we mean the integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues into our investment processes and product development. The SFDR – Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation – requires fund managers such as Banor Capital as an Alternative Investment Fund Manager (“AIFM”) to provide information to investors regarding the integration of sustainability risks, the consideration of adverse sustainability impacts, the promotion of environmental or social characteristics, and sustainable investment.


Banor Capital is the investment manager of several funds compliant with the Article 8 of the EU regulation 2019/2088 on sustainability reporting in the financial services sector (“SFDR”), as they promote, among other characteristics, environmental or social ones, or a combination of both.


European Bonds
Investment Manager: Francesco Castelli, Head of Credit Strategy at Banor
The strategy focuses on the European Credit market, with a duration exposure below 3 years and an average credit exposure in the BBB-BB range. The bottom-up selection process incorporates an ESG consideration with a “best-in- class” approach. More info →

Through the Banor SICAV Euro Bond Absolute Return Fund, Banor is donating up to 40% of management fees to the Italian Committee for UNICEF Onlus Foundation* to support the “Fighting Child Mortality” campaign.
* The Italian Commitee for UNICEF Onlus Foundation does not promote any products or services.


European Equities
Investment Manager: Gianmarco Rania, Head of Equities at Banor Capital
A Long only fund managed using the value approach with active exposure to the European recovery. The portfolio is built up from the fundamentals, with the aim of creating a balance between growth potential and capital preservation. Derivatives for hedging are only occasionally used, to reduce portfolio volatility. More info →


Value Long Short Equities – Europe and USA
Advisor: Luca Riboldi, CIO at Banor SIM with 30 years of experience and Angelo Meda, Head of Equities and ESG Research at Banor SIM
A fund managed “bottom-up” with focus on fundamentals, a long-term view and a relatively diversified portfolio to grasp the best opportunities and generate alpha. Investment ideas are generated by managers’ experience and company meetings. We perform rigorous analysis and on field due diligence. More info →


Equity long short focusing on the global energy transition
Advisor: Will Smith, co-CIO di Westbeck Capital, asset management company based in London and founded in June 2016
The long/short strategy takes advantage of cyclicality in each segment. This fund has an excellent risk/returns ratio, the portfolio is based on a fundamental industry analysis, a repeatable investment process and is concentrated on core holdings as well as opportunistic trading positions. The aim is to balance growth potential with capital preservation. More info →


Emerging Markets Bonds
Investment Advisor: Francesc Balcells, FIM partners, asset management company specialised in emerging and frontier markets
The fund mainly invests in global EM and frontier debt markets. The strategy uses an unconstrained, high conviction approach to investing, with a framework that ensures high diversification while protecting against downside risk. Alpha generation is based on a bottom-up fundamental analysis of the EM issuers, enhanced with exposure to frontier opportunities. More info →



Banor’s commitment to UNICEF extends beyond its contribution through the Euro Bond fund. Throughout the year, Banor remains actively engaged in supporting initiatives that uphold children’s rights such as the Advent Calendar in collaboration with Corriere della Sera and the recent campaigns in favor of humanitarian emergencies in Ukraine, Turkey and Syria.


Since 2019 Banor has chosen to support the non-profit organization Marevivo Onlus, which has been defending the sea and its resources for ever thirty years. Among the most recent actions: the adoption of two beaches, beach and seabed cleaning activities, positioning of signs to raise awareness of respect for the environment.


In 2023, for the fifth consecutive year, Banor has renewed its partnership in the world of sailing with ClubSwan Racing and is main partner of the Swan One Design Nations League circuit.


Banor has been a sponsor of two editions of FILL, the Festival of Italian Literature in London, to spread Italian culture abroad through the organization of meetings with writers, workshops and readings.


Banor, through the SIM based in Milan, collaborates with some Italian institutions to explore and share issues related to sustainable investments.

Banor SIM joined the Sustainable Finance Partnership of Borsa Italiana. As Partner of the organisation, Banor wishes to enhance and share its expertise and experience about topics related to sustainability.

Banor SIM is a partner of the Sustainable Investment Forum, known in Italy as the Forum della Finanza Sostenibile, with the aim of fostering a greater awareness of sustainability.

Banor’s team of analysts is actively engaged in the study and research concerning sustainable investments and carried out four studies in collaboration with the School of Management – Politecnico di Milano.

* Being an accredited “Sustainable Partner” does not imply that those benefitting from the Partner’s services will have any rights towards Borsa Italiana S.p.A., and it excludes any guarantee or liability of Borsa Italiana S.p.A. about the quality of the services and other activities carried out by the Partner.